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Popfor is an app designed to change the way people gift. We are currently in private beta, with limited users. Feel free to take the app for a test drive (only test credit cards can be used and "pops" are not redeemable).
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Feature List

Popfor is a way for friends to give and receive gifts purchased from local merchants. With Popfor, local merchants that would otherwise never be able to sell online (e.g. coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) can now receive revenue from online buying. Even better, Popfor makes online buying a social experience. Social + Local = and $ for local businesses.

Here's a quick feature list:

For Gifters
  • Free to sign up
  • Give gifts to friends, family, coworkers (anyone with an email address) from local merchants
  • Send a custom message with the gift
  • Recipient can redeem any time
  • Send "local" gifts while far away: while you're traveling, or if you or a friend have moved apart, give them a gift that's local to them.
  • Multiple ways to redeem*

*merchant may opt to not support every method

For Merchants
  • Free to sign up and create a merchant account
  • Add as many businesses as you like
  • You have complete control over your business data:
    Mobile app: add hours, address, phone, website, location on a map, a description and a picture of your business.
    Desktop: same as above, but you can also add a separate, longer description. Additionally you can add a cover photo to your business listing page, add events, and show social connections, and link to media like pictures and videos.
  • We'll input your menu or products, you can review and add or edit products as you choose.
  • Enable and disable products from showing (e.g., seasonal items)
  • Add pictures to your product listings
  • Categorize your products for easier discovery by users
  • You set the product price
  • Multiple ways for users to redeem
  • Popfor merchant site page provides highly valuable SEO with the additional benefit that users can purchase from the page, creating an additional revenue stream.
  • Built-in app search and browseable product listings increase discovery by new shoppers
  • Social tie-ins (e.g. Pinterest, Foursquare, etc.) now create monetization opportunities where none existed before.
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