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Popfor is an app designed to change the way people gift. We are currently in private beta, with limited users.
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Social + Local =

Popfor lets you send gifts to your friends, loved ones and even yourself and helps you support your community. Shop locally and purchase gifts from the local establishments that you care about the most.

Buy a friend a beer or coffee, a dinner out, or anything else. Your friend will get an email (or Tweet or SMS) and they can easily redeem your gift at their convenience.

You, your friends and your local businesses all benefit: Social + Local = Love.

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Running Late? Can't make it? star

Late for a date? Missing a meeting? Popfor is a perfect way to say you're going to be late, or have to reschedule. Because your friend gets notified immediately via email (tweet or SMS coming soon), they'll know you're thinking of them. Treating them to their favorite menu item (or introducing them to something new) makes it even better!

Life happens and you won't always be able to make a scheduled meeting, but with Popfor you can be late or absent and still be classy

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Congrats! Good Job! My Bad... heartuser

Popfor is a way to reward family, friends & co-workers with a small gift whenever you see them do good. Or whenever you mess up.

A student you know got good grades. A friend was there when you needed them. A co-worker covered for you. A gift to their favorite local business is a great way to give kudos (or say "Oops").

Knowing what their favorite thing is provides a personal touch that transcends any dollar value (giving someone $5 in cash is tacky—giving them a $3.50 Cappuccino that is their favorite drink isn't).

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Get as Good as You Give present

Redeeming a gift is super-easy and super-fliexible! Just show the merchant your gift in the Popfor app, or the email you received, on your phone, tablet or laptop (or desktop if you like—lift with the back). They can enter the redemption code in their POS or scan the QR Code, or you can click and redeem in the app when you present it. You can also print out the email and bring that in, or just write down the code and show them. It will display the item you're redeeming for confirmation.

Merchants can also see who's giving and receiving, and the merchant can pop for customers that help promote their business through Popfor. Way better than trying to keep track of a loyalty card and forgetting to get it stamped :(

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Gift Locally (even at a distance) earth

Not only does Popfor let you shop the businesses within your local community, you can change the location to shop at businesses across the country. So even when friends and family live far away, you can still gift locally to them, helping support the communities they call home.

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